The  followings are examples of weekly schedule for each year. Actual day and time of the seminar meetings will be examined and decided based on the class calendars in the beginning of each semester.










Writing seminar:

In this seminar, B4 students learn how to search, read and write research paper. Based on own interested research topic, they read literature on previous studies and summarize them. Through this seminar, they learn one of fundamental skills for their own thesis researches. 


B4 seminar: 2nd semester-Undergraduate Thesis Research

 Firstly each student searches for and choose own research topic. Then every week B4 students summarize their research progress in the latest week and discuss with professor to complete their theses.


M1 seminar :

This seminar is for M1 class "RINKO" which All M1 student have to take. Each of M1 student reads research paper of their own interest deeply, introduces and discusses with other students as well as professor in this seminar. In the last phase of this semester (in the 2nd semester), M1 students also start discussions for their master thesis research projects.


M2 seminar :

This seminar is for M2 students working on master thesis research projects. Each of M2 students summarizes own research progress in the last week and discusses with professor every week toward completion of their theses.


Doctorate student seminar :

Each doctorate student has individual meetings with professors on their research projects. The meetings are weekly-basis, but depends on research progress.


Team seminar :

In our lab, every member was required to participate in one or more teams which work on team research projects. Examples of past teams include:  Affective Management team, Creation team, Design team, Robot team ect. Team seminars are meetings of these teams conducted independently led by their team leaders. Through these team research projects, we can learn various methods such as analysis or how to make a questionnaires, which may help our own thesis research projects.


Research Group seminar :

This is a seminar that every member has to participate. There are various research groups depending on research topic, and everyone has to choose at least one group that they are interested in and participate. Most M2 and B4 find the topic they want to do for graduation thesis in this seminar.


All-Lab meeting:

The major purpose of all-lab meeting is to share what's going on in various activities in out lab, including thesis research projects of individual members, and provide constructive feedbacks and suggestions. All member attend this meeting every week. The topics may vary  each week, including B4, M2, and Doctorate students talking on their research, International Day, and workshop conducted by some members.

The following is rough idea of yearly schedule of undergraduate (B4) and master (M1 and M2) students. Actual schedule may vary depending on research plans and the semester each student join the lab.