Our lab key word are following three things.



Diverse members belong to our lab !! We welcome people with different cultural backgrounds.

(2021 Spring - )

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Very accommodating lab members, even he is busy.

Being closed to students, and mentoring us with a lot of enthusiasm.

Respects our opinion and autonomy

When we ask him to check our thesis, he return it with many comments.

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International DAY (twice or three times per year):

In this day, some members present about the international student's country, and enjoy the country dish after presentation.


(Korean day)



(Thai day)

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Our lab has more seminars comparing other laboratories, individual seminar, team seminar or all lab etc.

We can choose our own research theme.

We can spend a time freely in our lab (such as playing game), but a little bit busier than other laboratories.

However we have confidence of our research quality !!!

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Homelike atmosphere !!!!


・Very exciting place, we can debate with other members  heatedly.

・We have many chances to speak English, and feel close to "abroad". Almost every year, some members study abroad.

・Many talkative and accommodating people

・Many events and it's fun (^^)!!

・Very busy and we can do whatever we want.

・Study together like play ♪

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