Influence of Emotional Intelligence on team performance

  • "Effects of Emotional Intelligence on Group Work Satisfaction"

(2013. Master Thesis)

Approach of system supporting child's growth

  • "The Approach of the Story Co-creating System for Developing Perspective-taking of Children"

(2009. Master Thesis)

Research of "cozy" factor (cosy = IGOKOCHI)

Workplace environment

  • "Workplace Environment Characteristics as Antecedents of Affective Well-being in the Workplace"

(2012. Journal)

Decision Making Process of “Air of the Place”

  • "Decision Making Process of “Air of the Place”: The Model and Development of the Measurement of the Processing Skill"

(2015. Master Thesis)

Altruistic behavior

  • "Influence of altruism to the party without reciprocity on society considering influence on the third party"

(2011. Master Thesis)

Affective Management

  • "Affective Management and its Effects on Management Performance"

(2012. Jounal)

  • "Text-Mining Approach for Evaluation of Affective Management Practices"

(2012. Conference)

Human Attitude toward Robots

  • "Elements Constructing People's Attitude toward Robots and Development of Robot Attitude Scale"

(2012. Master Thesis)

  • "Influence of Robot attitudes and Robot Characteristics on People’s Acceptance of Robots: Inter-National Comparison among Japan, China, and Taiwan"

(2013. Master Thesis)

  • "Amae and Agency Appraisal as Japanese Emotional Behavior: Influences on Agent’s Believability"

(2014. Undergraduate Thesis)

  • "A Robot's Slip of the Tongue: Effect of Speech Error on the Familiarity of a Humanoid Robot"

(2015. Undergraduate Thesis)

Perceived features of Robots

  • "Dimensions of Robot Characteristics that People Perceive as Significant for Engagement with Robots"

(2012. Undergraduate Thesis)

Proposals on systems

  • "Environmental infrastructure for multiple auditory information channels for hearing-impaired persons"

(2010. Undergraduate Thesis)


  • "Elements Constructing Omotenashi and Development of Checklist"

(2010. Undergraduate Thesis)

Affective experience

  • "Factors to Elicit Human Affects: Towards Services and Technology that Provide Affective Experiences"

(2010. Conference)

  • "Age-related differences in factors contributing to affective experiences among Japanese adults"

(2013. Conference)

Technology acceptance/Technology learning by elderly people

  • "Cognitive abilities and individual differences in the visual searches of the elderly"

(2005. Master Thesis)

  • "Technology acceptance model with social factors for older people"

(2010. Master Thesis)

  • "Longitudinal Study on Relationships Between Technology Adoption and Computer Attitudes of Older People"

(2012. Conference)

  • "When older adults start and stop to use technologies: Long term study on technology usage, computer attitudes and cognitive abilities of Japanese older adults"

(2012. Conference)

  • "Effects of Learning Style and Training Method on Technology Acquisition of Older Adults"

(2015. Master Thesis)


Emotional Labor

  • "Factors determining the extent and consequence of emotional labor"

(2008. Master Thesis)

Individual difference and perceived product value

  • "Organization of Perceived Value of Products and Influences of Psychographic Factors on Perception of Product Value"

(2011. Master Thesis)

  • "Productive Love Promotion via Affective Technology: An Approach Based on Social Psychology and Philosophy"

(2010. Conference)


User Experience

  • "Proposal of a Framework to Design/Evaluate User Experience"

(2013. Master Thesis)


This is mind map to introduce our laboratory research


Measurement of affect

  • "Sensor-based estimation of psychological states"
(2011. Conference)
  • "Unobtrusive estimation of psychological states based on human movement observation"
(2009. Conference)

Affect and tactile sense

  • "Emotion Evoked by Texture and Application to Emotional Communication"
(2014. Undergraduate thesis)


  • "Personality and Mental Health Assessment: A Sensor-based Approach to Estimate Personality and Mental Health"
(2011. Journal)

Thinking and creativity

  • "A study on the relationships between the performance of intuition and the state of the physical activity"

(2007. Master Thesis)

  • "Implementation of the moderate supporting system for divergent thinking by showing images continually with text-based genetic algorithm"

(2007. Master Thesis)

 AMANOJYAKU behavior

  • "AMANOJYAKU behavior: Systematization of “amanojyaku behavior” and the relationships between “Amanojyaku behavior” and the personality"

(2014. Master Thesis)

 Bias in decision making

  • ""

(2015. Master Thesis)